Automated control systems

- automated systems of technological processes control for the various industrial enterprises («turnkey»);

- special solutions in the field of automatization at all levels of production;

- equipment and intergration of the systems of control and management for all kinds of objects;

- creation of situational centers;

- service of the systems installed.


Creation (APCS) of automated systems of technological processes management and (ASU DD) automated traffic management systems

- automation of processes controlling the operation of the highway engineering systems (ACS and ASC DD), traffic control systems, automatic road signs, scoreboards, automatic weather stations, radar systems, traffic systems, traffic lights, dynamic scoreboard;

- power supply and transformer substations 10/0,4 kV, electric lighting and back-up power;

- installation of metal and cable ducts;

- ventilation, smoke removal, fire fighting and air conditioning, refrigeration, fire fighting pumps, gas fire suppression system (SGPT) and automatic fire alarm, security alarm speakerphone and telephone communication, access control, fence alarm, control hazards and electrocasnice;

- geo- and tech- monitoring;

- traffic engineering systems control centers with visualization processes on the video wall, archiving events, working with automated dispatcher control(SCADAsystem);


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